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Our company has an information point at the Alicante Airport on Arrivals Hall. This person will assist you and answer all yours questions for the Cheap Fake Rolex Watches UK use of the taxi and the amount of any journey. This service has the following schedule:


From 09am till 1am (night time)

THROUGHOUT THE YEAR Best Cheap Fake Rolex Watches (except christmas day and new year)

Tourist Advice

Do not use unofficial taxis: they can only take you from the Airport to their home city. Official Alicante Airport taxis can drive you to any destination you request and impart useful tourist advice concerning the area: hotels, restaurants, hospitals, medical centres, supermarkets and entertainment areas.

Is there a reclamation process if I am unsatisfied with the service?

Do not use unlicensed taxis (they are illegal): if you are unhappy with the service you cannot complain. Official Alicante Airport taxis carry reclamation forms, and they can provide you with a receipt for services rendered. If you have a complaint regarding the taxi service, you can bring it up with the taxi driver or with our office : 965 45 82 57 or

Will I share a taxi?

Do not use unlicensed taxis (they are illegal): you will have to share the taxi with strangers or squeeze into 7 person cars, with your luggage balanced atop your lap. Official Alicante Airport taxis have been designated enough spots by the Spanish Government to insure traveller comfort. They are just for you, fit only 4 passengers and all luggage is stored in the boot. The amount of luggage you are carrying is not an issue: we own vehicles that can accommodate everything, even golf bags. We will get you to your destination in comfort.

Could the competition offer me a better rate?

Do not use unlicensed taxis (they are illegal): you must take into account that while the rates are similar, you cannot be certain the vehicle has passed inspections.

When I book a taxi, will I be travelling in a good, reliable car?

We are the only official taxi company licensed to work at the Alicante Airport, with a 185-taxi float that comprises a host of different models: sedans, mini vans, estates, luxury cars and Eurotaxis (adapted to suit individuals with reduced mobility). Do not use unlicensed taxis (they are illegal): they are not subject to the inspections required by the Spanish Government to transport travellers.

With the official Alicante Airport taxis, rest assured you are completely safe. They possess one of Europe’s most modern floats, given that their vehicles are, on average, less than 4 years old. They are up-to-date with all the annual required technical inspections and guarantee that you are travelling with a professional behind the wheel.

Will I travel safely in official taxis?

Do not use unlicensed taxis (they are illegal): they do not possess the insurance required by the Spanish Government to transport travellers. With official taxis, you and your loved ones will be protected in the off-chance of an accident, with insurance up to €350,000. Remember: your safety comes first.

How can I distinguish official Alicante Airport taxis?

Official Alicante Airport taxis feature a distinctive symbol on their front doors, the city of Elche’s coat of arms, and a licence number granted by the city government. These taxis feature a green stripe that traverses the car from front to back.

Is there an advantage to advanced payment?

You will be subject to a discounted price, along with a series of benefits added on to the normal taxi service:

- You will have a taxi waiting for you at any hour of the day, even if your flight is delayed for hours:

- 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

- You will be greeted by a person waiting for you in the terminal’s arrival hall with your name on a placard.